12000GM 3PL


The MAJOR 12000 3PL features 3 point linkage and a 3.6m working width

The 12000 GM-3PL is a gear driven machine. The transmission is protected throughout from the swinging blade through to the tractor.

The wings fold hydraulically offering a compact 7’ 6” transport width on the tractors three point linkage.

The Twin Cut Blade System creates a vacuum lifting the grass before cleanly cutting. The cut grass is drawn into the aerofoil chamber, mulched with the extra set of blades, and then evenly spread behind the machine.

Striping is eliminated by the patented Groundsmajor system, where all the blades are synchronised to rotate in the opposite direction to one another; all are fully gear driven and overlap each other by 3” (75mm).

• Mulching chambers
• Adjustable working depth
• 3 point linkage CAT 11 Arms
• Inter-gearbox shock loading protection
• Slip clutch and over-run on PTO shaft
• Machined roller bearing housing
• Twin cut blades

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