Hydraulic Double Bale Transporter

The Fleming Bale Transporter is designed to give maximum protection to the wrapped bale while increasing the speed of collecting and delivering bales from the field to the storage area.

Double Bale Tipper

The Fleming Double Bale Tipper needs a minimum 100 horse power tractor and can be fitted both on front and back of tractor for carrying 4 bales.

Bale Stacker

The Fleming Bale Stacker has a bull bar that protects the tractor and gives the driver good visibility when loading bales at a height. The bull bar also protects the plastic and gives clear visibility for collecting the bale.

Flat Bed Bale Trailer

The Fleming flat bed bale trailer is heavy duty 8 stud wide track one piece axles for a long trouble free life.


8 Ton Tipping Trailer Monocoque

The Fleming 8 Ton Tipping Trailer Monocoque has a solid construction monoque body for extra strength and high tip tapered body for clean unloading.


8 Ton Tipping Trailer

The Fleming 8ton Tipping trailer is an ideal general purpose trailer with a large capacity of 8000kg


4 Ton & 6 Ton Tipping Trailer

The Fleming 4 and 6 ton Tipping trailers come with a high tip body for clean unloading.


1 – 2 Ton tipping trailers

The Fleming Tipping trailers come in a range of 1 and 2 tonne.

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