Splendimo P

The biggest difference between a trailed mower and a front or rear mower is that by making use of a transport frame, weight plays much less of a role.


Triplo combinations

The Splendimo Triplo combinations are a completely new design for the real professionals and they also guarantee an excellent mowing technique.


Splendimo FC

The Splendimo FC front mowers have recently been considerably improved and fitted with Impeller conditioners. For most front mowers crop throughput is a problem because of the limited space available in relation to front mounting on the tractor.


Splendimo F

The Splendimo front mower without a conditioner is a very simple concept and is available in working widths of 2.40 m, 2.80 m and 3.20 m.


Splendimo MC

The well-proven mower concept featuring central suspension as well as easily adjustable ground pressure setting. Featuring the wide Impeller conditioner rotors as well as a hydraulic ram for folding and lifting into the headland position.


Splendimo M

A modern and very solid range of mowers featuring central suspension. Fitted with a Top Drive for the cutter bar as well as a hydraulic ram for folding into the transport position and lifting into the headland position.


Splendimo Classic

The simple mower with lateral drive. Fitted with a hydraulic ram for lifting into the transport and headland position. The Classic models 205 and 240 are available in HD versions.

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