Contractor Slurry Tankers


There are five models in the MAJOR range of LGP Tankers – 2050, 2250, 2400 and 2600 and 3100 Gallon LGP.

The MAJOR LGP Tanker is unique in design in that they are built on a separate chassis.

The position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight running on the tanker’s axle and the remainder being carried on the tractors drawbar.

The 6mm Vessel is protected by explosion and implosion valves. The Tank is baffled to prevent a ‘wave’ motion during transport. Wide support pads spread the weight of the tank over the mounting points reducing tension & stress. 6″ filler points placed on the sides and rear of the tank. 8″ filler points can be requested. 6″ Inspection and wash out point fitted to the front.

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