MAJOR 11000 & 15000 Rollermowers


The MAJOR 11000GR & 15000GR Rollermowers come equipped with an innovative four point pivot system to ensure constant contact with the undulating ground and have cutting widths of 3.2m (11000FL) and 4.6m (15000FL).

These machines offer the operator the option of front or rear mounted operation making it a multi purpose mower.

The front operated option can be used in conjunction with the MAJOR TDR range of Rollermowers to give the perfect finish every time to sport grounds, parks and golf courses.

The working height can be adjusted allowing the operator to cut from 150mm right down to an impressive 12mm. Each machine is fitted with a slip clutch and over-run on the PTO shaft as standard to protect the gearboxes.

With power requirements as low as 35HP these machines reduce the burden of rising fuel costs off your shoulders, without compromising the quality of the cut.

• Mulchingvchambers
• 3 point linkage CAT 11 Arms
• Floating wings
• Swinging blades

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