Major 601 and 605 Grass Slashers


The Major 601 and 605 Grass Slashers are single rotor machines ideally suited for cutting rough pastures, forestry ridges, grass verges, heathland and areas where rushes and heather prevail.

The blade system is capable of tackling material of up to 30mm in diameter. Each machine is fitted with two heavy duty swinging blades fitted to a compound blade beam.

The rotor is directly driven from the gearbox, which is mounted centrally to each machine. The gearbox is specifically designed for this particular application as it has an extended splined spindle, to which the rotor is bolted with a castle head nut secured with a split pin. Protection is afforded to the machine by using a shearbolt in the PTO shaft. Cutting height is set by adjusting two bolt-on side skids, which have wide runners preventing damage to the ground.

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