Major Jungle Buster


The MAJOR Jungle Buster is specifically designed for brush cutting.

The MAJOR Jungle Buster is designed for heavy duty brush and scrub cutting. This machine is robustly constructed with a 10mm deck and the blade system from the MAJOR 490 Eagle Wing topper.

This heavy duty machine is CE certified with durable chains and steel flaps to prevent debris escaping. The slip clutch PTO shaft is fully guarded ensuring operator safety at all times.


• 10mm Deck
• Three high lift spring steel blades
• High blade tip speeds to ensure clean cutting
• Round skid pan (stump jumper)
• Slip clutch PTO.
• Chain guard as standard
• Heavy Duty Lifting Chain

The cutting system incorporates three 12mm spring steel blades which swing freely in hardened steel bushings sandwiched between 12mm spring steel blade mountings.

The free swinging blades fall back upon obstacles virtually eliminating shock damage being carried down the transmission to the tractor. Transmission is protected by the slip clutch removing residual shock loading.

The blades have an up draught aerofoil providing an exceptional air current and in turn spreading the cut material evenly. Blades are easily changed without having to remove the sprung steel stump jumper.

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