Major Three Point Linkage


The MAJOR Centre Mount Topper is a fully gear driven machine fitted with high speed rotors completed by twin cut swinging blades.

The contra-rotating swinging blades are timed ensuring a stripe free cut. Cutting height is easily adjusted by resetting the skids and castor wheels (optional) at the desired height.


• Heavy Duty shaft drive system and gearboxes;
• Rubber shock absorbers between gearboxes;
• Shear-bolt protection incorporated into the drive system;
• Drive line is totally enclosed by guards for added safety;
• Absence of belts and pulleys means low maintenance and no adjustments;
• Twin cut blades are synchronised at 90 degrees and overlap paths by 3″, eliminating any uncut strips being left;
• Blade tips are allowed to swing in hardened bushings;
• Comprehensive MAJOR guarantee;
• Cutting range from 1/2″ to 8″ or 12mm to 200mm.
• Also available in a front mounted version

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