Three point linkage Rollermowers


There are four models in this series; 4200, 6300, 8000 and 8400.

The 4200, 6300, 8000 and 8400 MAJOR Rollermowers easily connect to the tractors three point linkage. The machine rolls over the ground, following the grounds contours independently of the tractor.

The contra-rotating blades are partially surrounded in strategic places by specially shaped chambers. Within the chamber, a vacuum is causes the uncut grass to be pulled towards the cutting elements.

Once cut, the grass is finely chopped by the mulching blades before being blown evenly over the ground, from the rear of the machine.

The blades are synchronised to rotate in opposite directions and overlap by 75mm to give a perfect finish every time.

The machine cutting height can be changed depending on where you are cutting. A simple spanner adjustment sets and locks the cutting height.

Maintenance of this machine is very straightforward, reducing machine downtimes considerable when compared to cylinder gang mowers. Overall this machine is up to 30% cheaper to run and maintain than traditional cylinder gang mowers.

The machine is designed to cope with heavy work loads. The slip clutch and overrun protection on the input PTO combined with the rubber protection between the gearboxes protects the machine should it hit a foreign object while mowing.

These machines are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including cricket outfields, sports pitches, polo grounds, school grounds and golf course rough maintenance.

• Adjustable cutting height
• Scraper bars to eliminate build of cut grass
• Option of swinging, ririgid or mulching blades
• Durable two pack painted finish
• Three point linkage Cat 1/11 arms

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