Tomahawk 1005 & 1010 Straw Shredder & Silage Feeder


Long Bale Chamber holds three 6ft x 5ft round bales or two 8ft long rectangular bales in one load.
Superb Bedding Performance – the 1.65 m. discharge rotor is capable of blowing straw up to 20 metres.
Minimum of Chopping, just light shredding – ideal for loose housing.
Hydraulic Rear Tailgate capable of self loading bales.
Electric Controls and remote tailgate/ conveyor switch fitted as standard.
Easy to Load – bales can be self loaded using hydraulic tailgate or can be dropped in using loader

Choice of 2 Models:

Tomahawk 1005 Model 1005
8 cubic metre capacity of clamp silage.
Single cross beater – handles baled silage, clamp silage and straw.
Standard Height Sides – 1 m. depth.
Lights, Mudguards & Brakes fitted as standard.
Ideal for larger livestock units where baled silage feeding is required together with good bedding performance.

Tomahawk 1010 Model 1010
10 cubic metre capacity of clamp silage..
Twin Cross Beater – suitable for clamp silage and straw.
High Sides 1.58 m. depth to give big capacity.
Lights, Mudguards & Brakes fitted as standard.
Ideal for very demanding bedding applications and / or feeding large volumes of clamp silage.

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