Tomahawk 808/8080/8080WB Dual Chop Straw Shredder


Dual Chop – Change from Short Chop to just Spreading at the flick of a switch.
Chop Straw Short – Straw is cut by a sytem of blades and rotating fingers until it is short enough to pass through a screen. Ideal for cubicles and poultry etc.
Spread Straw Long – The knives and screen are taken out of operation hydraulically, allowing the straw to be teased out of the bale and straight into the discharge rotor. Ideal for loose housing
20m Spreading Distance – will reach the rear of most sheds
Tomahawk 808 Dual Chop Straw Chopper Handles rectangular bales & round bales.
Electronic Control fitted as standard
Self Loading provided by hydraulic rear tailgate
Two speed gearbox for good flexibility
Easy to maintain modular system to allow easy dismantling.
Choice of 808 Mounted or 8080 Trailed.

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