Topper 9


9′ Cut In-Line machine
Front or Rear Mounting are standard features built into the machine.
Reversible PTO rotation just unbolt the centre gearbox and turn it upside down.
540 or 1000 rpm gearbox ratios are available – front mounting where the PTO runs at 1000 rpm is not a problem.
Shaft drive, incorporating rubber couplings, between the gearboxes means that the rotors can be timed and overlapped to eliminate any possible uncut strips.
Topper 9 Heavy Duty Rotors Spring steel blade holders and heavy swinging blades rotating on hardened bushes. The PTO shaft incorporates a shear bolt for added protection.
Good spread of cut material is ensured by bolt-on deflectors – easily reversed for front or rear mounting.
Overlapping Rotors for superb finish
Height Adjustment by means of skids

Ideal for: Larger Areas, General Agricultural Applications & Amenity Use

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