ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal broadcaster


The AMAZONE ZA-X Perfect centrifugal broadcaster is available with hopper sizes of 600, 900 and 1400 litres. With the 250 litre extension the capacity of the ZA-X Perfect 602 is increased to 850 litres. By simply adding a robust 350 litre hopper extension the ZA-X 902 & ZA-X 1402 can be increased to 1250 & 1750 litres respectively. In addition the ZA-X 902 can be increased to 1700 litres by adding the extension L 800. These extensions can be retrofitted at any time. The shallow hopper with its steep hopper walls allows a low filling height from 91 cm and guarantees an even fertiliser flow. Easy attachment to the tractor, always level and at a same mounting height. Omnia-Set discs with easily adjustable vanes for normal spreading, late top dressing and border spreading – no tools required. Accurate spread pattern at working widths from 10 m to 18 m, urea up to 15 m. To prevent any corrosion and for high functional safety the entire spreading device (hopper bottom, spreading discs and deflector plate) is made from stainless steel.

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