4 Ton & 6 Ton Tipping Trailer


4 Ton Tipping Trailer (TR4)
• Extra high 22” Reinforced sides with reinforced hinge points
• High tip for clean unloading with high specification ram
• Hydraulic brakes, lights as standard fitted in protective channel
• Heavy duty 150mm structural steel channel chassis with 10.5 x 75 x 15.3 tyres as standard on 6 stud axle
• Slim-line draw-bar with hose and cable stand as standard
• 4000 Kg capacity
• All 4 side are removable and are fabricated in one piece (no water traps)
• 4mm Reinforced floor and side chimes fabricated in one piece for extra strength
• Size 3m x 1.9m x 0.56m (10ft x 6ft 6” x 22”)
• Optional Grain & mesh sides

6 Ton Tipping Trailer (TR6)
• Ideal general purpose trailer
• High tip body for clean unloading
• Heavy duty structural steel 180mm channel chassis with 6 stud axle
• Heavy duty reinforced 4mm floor and side chime combined for extra strength
• Large capacity 6000Kg
• 3.7m x 2.15 x 0.56m (12ft x 7ft)
• Extra high sides 560mm (22”)
• Lights and reflective triangles are standard, positioned inside heavy duty structural channel
• Grain sides optional

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