Bale Trailers


From 6.5 Tonne to 14 Tonne. Flat bed trailer 2.44m wide designed for carrying bales, potato boxes and pallets etc. Option include tread plate floor.

The AW range of Bale Trailers is suitable for carrying bales, boxes and pallets.

Stock containers are available to suit the Bale Trailer range. We can also manufacture a Bale Trailer to suit any existing stock container if required.

Standard features include:
• Fixed Headboard
• Removable Box Section Bale Ladders
• Box Section Runners along edge of bed
• Maintenance Free LED Lights on 8 Tonne model and over
• Hydraulic Brakes
• Commercial Ratchet Type Parking Brake
• Heavy Duty Hitch Eye
• Heavy Duty Rope Hooks along sides, front and rear
• Choice of 4mm thick Smooth Steel or 4.5mm thick Steel Tread Plate Floor included in price

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