AMAZONE AD Pack Top seed drill

AMAZONE has designed the favourably priced AD Special Pack Top seed drill in working widths of 2.5 and 3 m for smaller to medium sized farms.


AMAZONE D9 mounted seed drill

D9 mounted seed drills can be used as a solo machine or in combination with all soil tillage implements for either conventional or mulch sowing.


Pantera 4001 – the self propelled crop protection sprayer

The Pantera means you are optimally prepared to meet any plant protection challenge. State-of-the art technology and management systems are brought together in this self-propelled sprayer.


UX trailed field sprayer

With the UX trailed sprayer AMAZONE has created a comparatively light, compact sprayer offering a low centre of gravity.


UG crop protection sprayer

For years the UG trailed sprayers with tank sizes of 2400 and 3200 litres have been the ideal entry into the trailed sprayer programme.


Amazone FT 1001 front tank system

Thanks to the large tank volume the new Amazone FT 1001 front tank system allows area outputs such as mounted sprayers or a self propelled machine of the same filling volume.


AMAZONE UF mounted crop protection sprayer

The UF sprayers are available with four different tank sizes, the UF 901 with 1050 litres capacity, the UF 1201 with 1350 litres.


ZA-XW Perfect Centrifugal Broadcaster

The AMAZONE twin disc centrifugal broadcaster ZA-XW Perfect 502 is best suitable for the use in special crops, e.g. for vinyards, orchards and hop as well as in agriculture.


ZG-B Bulk Material Centrifugal Broadcaster

AMAZONE‘s ZG-B range of bulk fertiliser spreaders represents a high output range of machines for the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers.


ZA-M ultra Centrifugal Broadcaster

AMAZONE has combined efficiency and maximum precision in the ZA-M Ultra – for optimum distribution accuracy and maximum output capacity

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