ZA-XW Perfect Centrifugal Broadcaster

The AMAZONE twin disc centrifugal broadcaster ZA-XW Perfect 502 is best suitable for the use in special crops, e.g. for vinyards, orchards and hop as well as in agriculture.


ZG-B Bulk Material Centrifugal Broadcaster

AMAZONE‘s ZG-B range of bulk fertiliser spreaders represents a high output range of machines for the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers.


ZA-M ultra Centrifugal Broadcaster

AMAZONE has combined efficiency and maximum precision in the ZA-M Ultra – for optimum distribution accuracy and maximum output capacity


ZA-M Profis Centrifugal Broadcaster

The ZA-M Profis is equipped as standard with the weighing system and the Tronic package for the accurate forward speed related spread rate control and the actuation of the Limiter border spreading device.


ZA-M Centrifugal Broadcaster

The ZA-M 1001 twin disc spreader is the value for money machine to start the ZA-M technology. The basic hopper of 1000 litres capacity can easily be increased to 1500 litres with the robust, boltable extensions.


ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal broadcaster

The AMAZONE ZA-X Perfect centrifugal broadcaster is available with hopper sizes of 600, 900 and 1400 litres.

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