Compact Trailers

These are designed for use behind compact tractors and can be used for transporting materials such as general garden debris and grass cuttings etc.


Stock Containers

Steel or aluminium construction available. For use in conjunction with bale trailers


Ultima Trailers

Ultra high specification trailer available throughout the Monocoque and Potato & Root ranges.


Farm Dump Trailers

From 6.5 Tonne to 14 Tonne. Hydraulic tipping trailer with sides from 1067mm to 1270mm high and scow ended dump bodies designed for carrying manure, roots etc. 5mm floor, 3mm sides.


Dropside Trailers

From 4 Tonne to 10 Tonne. Hydraulic tipping with removable sides either 460mm or 915mm high designed for general use. (Can also be used as a flat bed trailer.)


Bale Trailers

From 6.5 Tonne to 14 Tonne. Flat bed trailer 2.44m wide designed for carrying bales, potato boxes and pallets etc. Option include tread plate floor.


Potato & Root Trailers

From 10 Tonne to 14 Tonne. Hydraulic tipping trailer with body height of 1067mm designed for carrying potatoes and roots etc. (Longer and lower sides than Monocoque to reduce risk of crop damage.) 5mm floor, 3mm sides. Can be fitted with silage sides.


Monocoque Trailers

The AW range of Monocoque trailers is primarily designed to carry grain. They are also commonly fitted with silage sides in order to transport silage. They range from 4 Tonne to 14 Tonne.

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