Universal Single Bale Spike

The Fleming twin tine Bale Spike is designed to pierce the bale of straw or silage 300mm (12”) below the centre of the bale so that the main weight of the bale is supported by the heavy duty tines for secure and safe transport.


Square Bale Handler

The Fleming Square Bale Handler has variable chamber adjustment, a strong and robust structural box frame for heavy workload abd unique double action clamping arm for easy stacking.

Single Bale Tipper

The Fleming Standard Bale Tipper has a 90mm structural box frame with reinforced side plates designed for normal farming use, carrying bales on tractors up to 80 H.P.

Round Bale Grab

The Fleming Bale Grab has a large diameter 75mm clamping arms. Our round bale grabs a larger proportion of bales than any other grabs, giving more positive grip and better protection to the bale.

Hydraulic Double Bale Transporter

The Fleming Bale Transporter is designed to give maximum protection to the wrapped bale while increasing the speed of collecting and delivering bales from the field to the storage area.

Double Bale Tipper

The Fleming Double Bale Tipper needs a minimum 100 horse power tractor and can be fitted both on front and back of tractor for carrying 4 bales.

Bale Stacker

The Fleming Bale Stacker has a bull bar that protects the tractor and gives the driver good visibility when loading bales at a height. The bull bar also protects the plastic and gives clear visibility for collecting the bale.

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