Flat Bed Bale Trailer

The Fleming flat bed bale trailer is heavy duty 8 stud wide track one piece axles for a long trouble free life.


8 Ton Tipping Trailer Monocoque

The Fleming 8 Ton Tipping Trailer Monocoque has a solid construction monoque body for extra strength and high tip tapered body for clean unloading.


8 Ton Tipping Trailer

The Fleming 8ton Tipping trailer is an ideal general purpose trailer with a large capacity of 8000kg


4 Ton & 6 Ton Tipping Trailer

The Fleming 4 and 6 ton Tipping trailers come with a high tip body for clean unloading.


1 – 2 Ton tipping trailers

The Fleming Tipping trailers come in a range of 1 and 2 tonne.

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