Hibiscus CD Profi

The highest specification and widest model of Hibiscus rakes has two extremely large rotors, which deliver the swath to the middle. This rake is ideally suited for contractors or large cattle farms, who wish to get the crop into perfect swaths quickly.


Hibiscus SD

Two models with double rotors and side delivery with the same working width. The model 765 SD Vario, however, has the possibility to vary the working width and produce two swaths in one pass.


Hibiscus CD

The first series of double rakes with central delivery consists of four models and is distinguished by its robust construction and high output. The Hibiscus 725 CD is available in both Standard and Classic versions.


Hibiscus S

The new serie of single rakes consists of three mounted models and a large trailed model. The Hibiscus 485 – with a rotor diameter of 3.80 m – is the largest single rotor rake on the market!


Rotonde 510

The Lely Rotonde 510 is a hydraulically adjustable windrower specifically designed for silage, hay and straw. The machine consists of two large diameter rake wheels each fitted with 16 fully floating spring steel tines.


Lotus Combi

The unique Lotus Combi tedders with two or four tedding rotors provide an effective concept for tedding and windrowing with just one single machine. For windrowing, swath forming cadges are fitted and the tine position is also changed.


Lotus 1500

The smartest, fastest and strongest tedders at this point of time! These tedders, fitted with twelve rotors, are outstandingly easy to use and ruggedly built. The Profi model features a special drive and linkage headstock.


Lotus 770 / 900 / 1020

Unique tedders with six or eight tedding rotors and fitted with the Lely “carriage” system. The rugged construction ensures good ground contour following and stability throughout the entire tedding operation.


Lotus Stabilo

The range of tedders with three point linkage offers a wide choice of working widths to suit any dairy farm. The Stabilo tracking device ensures the most stable machine run during tedding as well as in corners.


Splendimo PC

Trailed mowers featuring Impeller conditioners. This range comprises two working widths and two models. The mower part of the machine is suspended in the trailed frame by means of a parallelogram construction.

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