MAJOR 11000 & 15000 Rollermowers

The MAJOR 11000GR & 15000GR Rollermowers come equipped with an innovative four point pivot system to ensure constant contact with the undulating ground and have cutting widths of 3.2m (11000FL) and 4.6m (15000FL).


12000 & 18000 Trailed Rollermowers

The 12000 and the 18000 Groundsmajor Rollermowers are ideal for maintenance of large grassy areas such as sports grounds, golf courses, airports, racetracks and parklands.


Front Mounted Rollermowers

The MAJOR Front Mounted 8400 Rollermower with innovative four point pivot system ensures constant contact with the undulating ground.


12000GM 3PL

The MAJOR 12000 3PL features 3 point linkage and a 3.6m working width. The 12000 GM-3PL is a gear driven machine. The transmission is protected throughout from the swinging blade through to the tractor.


Three point linkage Rollermowers

The 4200, 6300, 8000 and 8400 MAJOR Rollermowers easily connect to the tractors three point linkage. The machine rolls over the ground, following the grounds contours independently of the tractor.


TDR Rotary Gang Mowers

The MAJOR TDR Rotary Gang Mower is available in two working widths; 4.9m and 6.1m.

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