Challenger Tanker

The new MAJOR Challenger Tanker is a fresh approach to tandem axle tankers. Using a Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Bogey Axle Assembly, the front axle can be lifted by hydraulic control allowing the operator to turn tighter corners on the headlands or in the yard eliminating damage to soil structure, ground conditions & tyres.


Contractor Slurry Tankers

There are five models in the MAJOR range of LGP Tankers – 2050, 2250, 2400 and 2600 and 3100 Gallon LGP.


Major Alpine LGP Slurry Tankers

The MAJOR Alpine tankers are engineered like no other tanker. This new tanker is designed to have less ground pressure than tandem axle tankers. This means minimal ground damage even in wet conditions.


Major Agricultural Slurry Tankers

This is the newly designed range of agricultural slurry tankers from MAJOR. Capacities available from 1150 to 2000 gallons.

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