Polymat Pneumatic Drill

The Polymat can be combined with a ROTERRA power harrow or a MULTITERRA harrow


Multidisc Harrow

Heavy duty construction used throughout the machine. Two Rows of serrated Discs give an aggressive action that is ideal for mulching and mixing of crop residue or green mulch.


Multidisc Vario

Six Adjustable Subsoiler Tines mounted between the two gangs of discs, on a pivoting beam. The beam is rotated by hydraulic cylinders to lower or retract the tines.


Roterra Power Harrow

Patented Club tines good cultivation performance, lower power requirement than knife tines and long life – 15% more material in wearing areas than on competitor’s tines.


Tomahawk Mounted Straw Mill

Short, even chop ideal for poultry houses, cubicle systems with automatic scrapers and less labour required.


Tomahawk Drum Straw Shredders

Cleaner Cows With Less Straw is a direct result of using a TOMAHAWK Straw Shredder in cubicles.


Tomahawk Drum Straw Shredders & Silage Feeders

Tomahawk 4040 Clean & Comfortable Beds for cleaner, healthier livestock.


Tomahawk 1005 & 1010 Straw Shredder & Silage Feeder

Easy to Load – bales can be self loaded using hydraulic tailgate or can be dropped in using loader


Tomahawk 9090 Straw Shredder & Silage Feeder

Twin cross beaters meter material into discharge rotor giving high throughput, very even feed and even power requirement.


Tomahawk 8080WB Straw Shredder & Silage Feeder

Tomahawk 8080WB Straw Chopper Heavy Duty Cross Beater meters material into the discharge rotor giving high throughput, even feed, even power requirement and the ability to deal with virtually all materials.

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