Ballast Hydraullic Folding Roller

The Twose Ballast Hydraullic Folding Roller has a ring hitch for easy attachment, ports for water and waste oil ballast and split drums for easy turning.


Ballast Roller

The Twose Ballast roller has a working width upto 6.0m an adjustable rear scraper and tandem drawbar rollers available.


Ballast End tow Roller

The Twose ballast end tow roller has a heavy duty frame and the weight can be varied to match soil conditions.


Ballast Wheeled Roller

The Twose Ballast wheeled roller has a split drum for easy tearning, hydraulic rear wheels for easy transport and an adjustable rear scraper.


Front Mounted Presses

The Twose Front Mounted Presses comes with a choice of 10 models with a self steering echanism and heavy duty three point linkage headstock.


3 HD Section Rollers

The Twose 3 HD section rollers with levelling boards has centre pivoting wing sections and transport cradle for wind sections with triple sealed bearings.


3 Section Rollers

The Twose 3 section rollers have working widths of 6.3m (21′), 7.2m (24′) or 8.1m (27′) with large wheels and tyres for fast smooth road transport which are well clear of ground when rolling


5 Section Rollers

The Twose 5 section rollers have large wheels and tyres for fast and smooth road transport. They also have one double acting ram to convert from transport to working position.

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