Challenger Tanker


The new MAJOR Challenger Tanker is a fresh approach to tandem axle tankers.

The new MAJOR Challenger Tanker is a fresh approach to tandem axle tankers. Using a Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Bogey Axle Assembly, the front axle can be lifted by hydraulic control allowing the operator to turn tighter corners on the headlands or in the yard eliminating damage to soil structure, ground conditions & tyres.

The axle lift also acts as a weight transfer mechanism to the tractor to aid traction.

When full, the drawbar weight can be increased from 3.3 tonne to 4.7 tonne when the lift mechanism is activated.

This machine is packed with standard features including adjustable drawbar, swivel hitch, lockable pipe brackets see list below for full details. As with the LGP range the Challenger series is easily customised with a range of optional extras.

Full road lighting kits with anti-vibration rubber backed lights as standard. Filler points are located each side of the rear discharge for ultimate convenience.

Hinged Rear Door making tank cleaning an easier operation for one person. Integral “sump” discharge area.

3000 LGP: 3021 gallons (13594) litres
3500 LGP: 3550 gallons (15975) litres

The Challenger tanker is fitted with filler points on each side of tanker and two on the rear. A hydraulic powered vacuum pump is fitted as standard, eliminating PTO shaft maintenance or spinning PTO shafts to work around, creating a safer environment for the operator.

Standard Specifications
• 4 Fill Points
• Swivel Hitch
• Adjustable Drawbar
• Lockable Pipe Brackets
• Mudflaps
• 8000 Hydraulic Pump
• Anti Vibration Rubber Back Lights
• Hydraulic Brakes
• 20 ft long 6″ Vacuum Hose
• Low Spread Plate
• Hinge Back Door
• Integral Sump
• Hand Brake
• Sight Glasses Front & Rear
• Hydraulic Rear Gate Valve
• High Gloss paint finish

Optional Extras
• 8000 Ltr Pump PTO Driven
• 10000 Ltr Pump PTO Driven
• 12000 Ltr Pump PTO Driven
• Garda 8000 Pump
• 6″ Auto Filler
• Washdown Assembly
• Hydraulic Top Hatch
• Extra Sight Glass
• Air Brakes
• Air/Hydraulic Brakes combination
• Hydraulic Brake Breakaway System
• Additional Pipe Brackets
• 12 inch front inspection port.

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