Hibiscus S


The new serie of single rakes consists of three mounted models and a large trailed model. The Hibiscus 485 – with a rotor diameter of 3.80 m – is the largest single rotor rake on the market! The rakes are of a very rugged construction, with the Head-Lock system as an example of innovative thinking.

In spite of the ever growing availability of twin rotor rakes, single rotor cam rakes still occupy a prominent place within the range of Hibiscus rakes. Therefore, two new models have now been added to Lely’s range of single rotor cam rakes: Hibiscus 425 S and Hibiscus 455 S. For smaller and medium-sized dairy farms the single rotor rake is an efficient as well as affordable investment to achieve ideal swaths. Due to the unrivalled ease of operation and flexibility of operation – not confined by a fixed swath width – single rotor rakes are the ideal choice for many dairy farmers.

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