Lotus Stabilo


The range of tedders with three point linkage offers a wide choice of working widths to suit any dairy farm. The Stabilo tracking device ensures the most stable machine run during tedding as well as in corners. Durability and output are guaranteed.

Good tedding gives control of the drying process for an even crop. A powerful operation is crucial and this is not merely a matter of working width. After all, Lely hook tines can process at least 1.5 times as much grass compared to tedders with straight tines. This means that a tremendous output, even with a relatively small three point linkage mounted tedder, can be achieved. Lely Lotus Stabilo three point linkage mounted tedders have been well proven over many years. Due to the wide range of sizes available farms from small to large can benefit from the Lely Lotus Stabilo’s unparalled abilities. A Lotus Stabilo guarantees optimum fodder quality, highoutput and timeliness.

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