Major Agricultural Slurry Tankers


This is the newly designed range of agricultural slurry tankers from MAJOR. Capacities available from 1150 to 2000 gallons.

This is the newly designed range of slurry tankers from MAJOR. Capacities are available from 1150 gallons to 2000 gallons.

There is a detachable parking stand and PTO holder as standard.

This tanker has been designed and constructed to ensure the load is perfectly balanced between the tractor and the tanker axle and that the best possible traction is achieved with absolute minimum soil damage.

The automatic top trap eliminates contamination of the vacuum pump. The trap is operated by the pressure of air passing it, rather than contact with slurry giving highly reliable protection to the pump.

All models in the Major range are available in a galvanised or two pack paint finish. The paint is baked onto the tank and then assessed to ensure a long lasting protective coat. Galvanising prevents corrosion thus extending the life of the tank.

Rubber buffers are fitted as standard on the drawbar. They make the tanker easier to tow and gives a smoother, safer journey. The axle is a heavy duty agricultural axle.

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