Major Flex Wing Toppers


Like all MAJOR machines, the Flex Wing topper is of robust construction. CE conformity is achieved through full PTO guarding and heavy rubber skirting to prevent debris from escaping.

The wing cutting decks are raised by hydraulic control to transport position. The wings are capable of flexing from -15 to +25 degrees allowing the cutting unit to follow the ground contours.

Contra-rotating swinging blades are retained in hardened steel bushing and clamped by springsteel blade backs. Undersole discs are fitted to prevent scalping and ensure a perfect finish every time.


• robust pivot points
• Rubber shock absorbers
• Slip clutch protection
• Patented transmission system
• Hydraulic wing lift
• ProCut Swinging blades
• 88mm blade overlap to eliminate striping
• 12 month MAJOR warranty

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