Major Trailed Toppers


The MAJOR Trailed Topper is a fully offset gear driven machine. It is offset for working and folded to a neat transport width hydraulically and from the tractor seat.

As the machine is fully offset there is no trampling of the pasture prior to cutting. This topper model is available in 12′, 9′ & 8′ cutting widths.

The cutting height is set at the desired level in the farm workshop by moving the adjustable side skids to the appropriate position. There is a limit stop on the ram which controls the rear axle so, when the operator reaches the field, the machine is offset then lowered, and topping can commence. This reduces downtime in the field and adds to the safety of the machine.

The Trailed Topper is afforded further protection by the rubber buffer and the high tension spring fitted to the drawbar. This system will dampen any of the shock loads the machine will encounter in the field or in transport to and from jobs.

The Major Trailed Topper glides easily over undulating ground with the assistance of domed dishes attached to the underneath of the blades preventing scalping. These also prevent the blades from smashing on rocks or other hard objects which may lie in the path of the machine.

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