The Engine 18S

The Crofter Engine 18S is powered by a genuine Hona engine, with log holding cramo and log wiper.


The Electric 12

The Crofter Electric 12 is designed for use in a household 13 am socket with a log holding cramp supplied.


The Electric 18S

The Crofter Electric 18S log splitter is fitted with an RCD plug, shower proof switch grear and come with a log wiper to stop logs becoming wedged on the splitting head, a common problem amongst log splitters.


The Dual Tractor/Forklift Mounted Log Splitter

The Dual Tractor/Forklift Mounted Log Splitter comes with a splitting platform that can be adjusted to a comfortable working height using forklift tines, or a tractors linkage, also comes supplied with a “log wiper” and log holding cramp.


The Horizontal 18

The Horizontal 18 is designed for use with tractors that have position control on the linkage and a maximum height of log for this machine is 18 inches high with a diameter of 16 inches.

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