Potato & Root Trailers


From 10 Tonne to 14 Tonne. Hydraulic tipping trailer with body height of 1067mm designed for carrying potatoes and roots etc. (Longer and lower sides than Monocoque to reduce risk of crop damage.) 5mm floor, 3mm sides. Can be fitted with silage sides.

The Potato & Root trailers have longer, lower bodies than the Monocoque trailers in order to minimise crop damage.

A full width front window is fitted as standard. This is fabricated from a number of 12mm diameter round bars which run horizontally across the full width of the trailer front. This results in far less crop damage than a mesh window and is more practical than a perspex window which soon becomes dirty and scratched. A slide is also provided to block the window if the trailer is to be used with grain etc.

Hydraulic tailboards are commonly fitted as optional extras to the Potato & Root trailers.

Standard features include:


• large capacity body
• smooth interior to reduce crop damage
• body tapered from front to back with angle sides for easy discharge
• 90 x 90 RHS box top
• 5mm thick steel floor fully welded to the 3mm thick sides
• all side channels are joined to channels running underneath the bed forming heavy duty continual ribs around the whole body
• longitudinal members give support and strength to the entire body length
• heavy duty RHS (box section) rear corner posts
• top hinged tailboard
• single latching bar with two handles
• strong steps fitted to front for inspection purposes
• rope hooks

• strong, wide parallel construction
• built from 250 x 150 RHS (box section) on 8 Tonne and above
• heavy duty RHS drawbar fitted deep into main trailer chassis
• large support gusset to reduce stress and increase rigidity
• superior grade drawbar eye 40mm thick
• wide removable adjustable skid with carrier on chassis
• stalk on front of drawbar complete with fittings for easy storage of hydraulic hoses and lighting cable

• the choice of sprung or bogie axles is available
• Springs – heavy duty, multi-leaf, semi-elliptical spring suspensions are designed especially for farm trailers operating in arduous conditions, giving a smoother ride and reduced tyre wear
• Bogies – made from heavy duty RHS and 60mm diameter chrome pins with 4 Wieland phosphor bronze bushes which are individually greased

• high specification wide track agricultural axles
• hydraulically operated independent cam brakes
• commercial ratchet type parking brake
• brake hoses fitted with 1/4″ ISO female couplings

Wheels and Tyres
• heavy duty wheel rims fitted with high spec super singles

Tipping Rams
• large tipping angle
• rams fitted with wiper seals to prevent dirt entering the ram
• tipping hoses fitted with 1/2″ quick release male couplings

Rear Pivots
• body pivots on two 40mm thick profiled lugs
• each one is fastened individually by a 32mm chrome pin between two lugs on the chassis
• each one is individually greased

• Rubbolite lights fitted front and rear to RTA standard
• rear lights well protected, easily accessible and highly visible
• lighting cable connected with 7 pin plug
• reflectors fitted on trailer sides where necessary

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