Splendimo FC


The Splendimo FC front mowers have recently been considerably improved and fitted with Impeller conditioners. For most front mowers crop throughput is a problem because of the limited space available in relation to front mounting on the tractor. With the new Splendimo front mowers the wide conditioner rotors have maximum grip on the crop, which gives the mower a very large output. Due to their ingenious construction, the front mowers have remained very compact in size.

Nowadays, agricultural tractors are often supplied with a front lifting system and many extras to improve ease of operation. One way to best utilise this is to fit the tractor with a front and a rear mower. The ease of mowing with a front mower and the increase in output that can be achieved with a mowing combination has contributed to the increasing popularity of the front mower in recent years. The very complete Splendimo front mower range completely matches the wishes and needs of modern large-scale farmers and contractors.

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