Stock Containers


Steel or aluminium construction available. For use in conjunction with bale trailers

The new 2012 AW Stock Containers feature an Aluminium Framework clad with High Grade Thick Aluminium Plate and incorporate a fully welded Aluminium Tread Plate Floor and are intended for use in conjunction with an AW Bale Trailer, although we can manufacture to suit any length of existing trailer. There are two standard models available:
• 22′ long Aluminium Removable Cattle Container
• 26′ long Aluminium Removable Cattle Container.

Standard features include:
• Aluminium Framework clad with high grade thick Aluminium Plate so strong and durable but lightweight
• Fully welded Aluminium Tread Plate Floor which is easy to clean
• Rear frame constructed from steel for improved wear resistance on hinges
• Spring Assisted Rear Ramp / Tailboard
• Inspection Door
• Division Gates fitted with Slam Latches
• Easy to bolt down to Trailer
• Maintenance Free LED Internal Lighting
• Internal Bump Rail
• Steel painted with 2 pack paint
• Vents

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