Tomahawk 808 Straw & Silage Shredder


Spreads straw, feeds silage and mulches fruit
Less Wastage from Shredded Silage, Animals eat more, waste less and cannot be selective in what they eat.
Handles 1 Rectangular Bale, 1 Round Bale of silage or 2 Round Bales of straw
Mounted for ease of reversing or Trailed for smaller tractor usage.
Easy to Load – can self load using the hydraulic tailgate or bales can be dropped in using a loader.
Mechanical Drive to cross beater gives enormous output – full size Heston bale shredded in 2 minutes.
Easy to Operate everything is hydraulically controlled. The swivel giraffe chute, with 280° of rotation, is the ultimate bedding device in awkward areas and confined spaces.

Choice of Models:

Tomahawk 808
Tomahawk 808 Chopper Chops and spreads straw into loose housings where it is possible to drive alongside. If fitted with silage kit, can feed single bales of silage over low barriers, into troughs and onto the floor. Ideal fo soft fruit mulching if fitted with strawberry mulching kit.

Tomahawk 808 Sloping Chute
Tomahawk 808S straw chopper The ULTIMATE bedding machine. Chops and spreads straw via the swivel giraffe into more difficult sheds without full length access. If fitted with the silage kit, can feed single bales of silage into virtually any livestock feeding system – ring feeders, behind barriers, into troughs on the floor etc.

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