Tomahawk 9090 Straw Shredder & Silage Feeder


Spreads straw up to 20 metres with ease
Feeds silage – baled and clamp
Enormous capacity – 6 cubic metres of clamp silage
Handles all rectangular bales & round bales up to 6ft. in diameter
Minimum of shredding ideal for loose housing – Up to 30% straw saving
Self Loading provided by hydraulic rear tailgate
Twin cross beaters meter material into discharge rotor giving high throughput, very even feed and even power requirement.
Tomahawk 9090 Straw Chopper Trailed design and low power input enables use on relatively small tractors
Cable control of all hydraulic functions enables cab windows to be kept closed.
Two speed gearbox for good flexibility

3 Chute Options:

Tomahawk 9090 Straw Chopper
Tomahawk 9090 Spreads straw into loose housing where it is possible to drive alongside. Feeds baled and clamp silage over low barriers, into troughs and onto the floor.
Tomahawk 9090SC (Sloping Chute) Tomahawk 9090S Straw Chopper

Spreads straw via the swivel giraffe into more difficult sheds without full length access. Also feeds baled & clamp silage over high barriers and into ring feeders etc.

Tomahawk 9090TC Straw Chopper Tomahawk 9090TC (Twin Chute)
Incorporates the features of both models. Spreads straw virtually anywhere and feeds baled & clamp silage behind barriers, into troughs or onto the floor.

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