Ultima Trailers


Ultra high specification trailer available throughout the Monocoque and Potato & Root ranges.

The Ultima is an ultra high specification trailer which is available in Monocoque, Potato & Root, Bale and Industrial Dump models. It has the same high quality build as all AW Trailers with the addition of the following spec changes and upgrades:

New Improved Body Features
• Bigger capacity with no taper (taper available)
• 4mm thick sides fully welded, stronger top and rear member
• 5mm thick floor with extra floor supports
• New, improved Contractor Tailboard including combination equalizer / check valves

New Improved Chassis Features
• Wide chassis for greater stability
• 445/65R22.5 Kargo Radial tyres fitted as standard (huge selection of flotations available)
• Increased tipping angle
• Longer drawbar – multi-adjustable
• Hydraulic Load Sensing fitted as standard
• Hitch Eye welded on rear of chassis

Premium Paint Finish
• Choice of colour (within standard tractor range)
• Trailer thoroughly degreased and then shotblasted prior to painting
• painted with 2 pack primer and 2 pack top coat to give hard wearing gloss finish

High Speed Option
When fitted with the optional extras of air brakes complete with load sensing and ABS (in addition to the standard hydraulic brakes) the ‘Ultima’ trailers are suitable for hauling at speeds of up to 40mph (when towed by an appropriate vehicle) and have a braking efficiency of 50%.

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