Universal Single Bale Spike


(FLS) Front loader spike & (UBS) 3PT linkage spike

The Fleming twin tine Bale Spike is designed to pierce the bale of straw or silage 300mm (12”) below the centre of the bale so that the main weight of the bale is supported by the heavy duty tines for secure and safe transport.

The bale spike is available for 3 point linkage c/w cat. 2 lift pins or Front loader use.

Tine sockets are bushed into a heavy duty structural box frame for secured strength in operation.

The bale spike allows for the easy transportation of silage, hay or straw round bales.

Easy access for stripping wrapped bales.

2 Heavy duty tines.

Available for 3pint-linkage and Front Loader.

This machine works equally well with silage, haylage, hay and straw round bales, wrapped bales or unwrapped round bales.

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