UX trailed field sprayer


With the UX trailed sprayer AMAZONE has created a comparatively light, compact sprayer offering a low centre of gravity. The UX – at the pinnacle of quality – supplements the already existing programme of trailed sprayers. The UX family consists of four trailed sprayers which differ in tank size with those tank capacities offering a choice of: 3600 litres actual volume on the UX 3200, 4600 litres with the UX 4200, 5600 litres on the UX 5200, 6600 litres for the UX 6200 and 12000 litres for the UX 11200.
The UX 3200 and 4200 are available in either Special or Super execution, whereas the UX 5200 and 6200 are available in the Super version only. The main difference between the Special and Super is the pump technology: the UX Special is equipped with a single pump system whereas the UX Super is equipped with the bigger 430 or 530 l/min tandem pump system offering, for all tank sizes, outstanding flexibility, ready for every application technique.

With its 280 l/min single pump system the UX 3200 Special and 4200 Special, for example, are suited for mixed or medium sized farms that require a sprayer with a 3600 or 4600 litre maximum tank capacity and boom widths of 18 to 28 metres.

The Super execution is recommended when working with larger widths (> 24 m) or high spray rates (> 250 l/ha) where an increased pump capacity is required.

For working widths of 18 to 28 metres the UX Special can be equipped with the well-proven Super-S boom. On the UX Super with the tandem pump system working widths of 24 up to 40 metres are possible with the Super-L boom.

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