ZA-M Profis Centrifugal Broadcaster


The ZA-M Profis is equipped as standard with the weighing system and the Tronic package for the accurate forward speed related spread rate control and the actuation of the Limiter border spreading device. The as option available Comfort Package provides utmost operational comfort due to the electro hydraulic control of all operational functions via the on board computer AMATRON+.

The benefits of the ZA-M Profis:

• No calibration required. Enter the spread rate and drive off! It couldn’t be simpler.

• Robust frame construction with integrated weigh cell for a maximum payload of 3100 kg

• On-line weighing technology in parallelogram-guided frame – advantageous as the lowest loading on the weigh cell

• No lateral loading of weigh cell when working on a slope, as the hopper, frame and spreader form one unit

• Convenience and reliability due to simple adjustment of spread rate and working width

• AMATRON+ has a serial interface for documentation and the connection of N-sensors and GPS-terminal supplied application maps for part area site-specific spreading

ZA-M Profis 1501 is equipped with a base hopper of  1,500 litres which can be increased up to 3000 litres by using extensions. It is designed for tramline systems of  10 to 36 m.

With the aid of the weighing system the farmer or contractor can check the already spread amount and the remaining amount in the spreader at any time. The accurate spread rate control results in optimised fertiliser distribution in driving direction and thus to an increase in the efficient use of fertiliser. The ZA-M Profis features a 1500 litre base hopper and can be increased to 3000 litres by using extensions. As standard the ZA-M Profis is equipped with the Tronic Package. As an option, however, it is also available with the more comfortable Comfort Package (electro-hydraulic operation of all machine functions) or the Hydro Package (hydraulic spreading disc and agitator shaft drive.
The versions with extensions ( ZA-M 2501 Profis, 3001 Profis ) are also available as complete machines ex works.

New: The Safety-Set comes as standard. The Amazone ZA-M with the up to date Safety-Set offers more safety. Implements mounted on to high speed tractors require clear visibiliy in road traffic. AMAZONE has integrated the strict demands on safety into a modern design.

For the environment: with the use of the Limiter boundary spreading system AMAZONE ZA-M fertiliser spreaders fulfil the EN 13739 European environment standards for fertiliser spreaders .

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