ZA-M ultra Centrifugal Broadcaster


AMAZONE has combined efficiency and maximum precision in the ZA-M Ultra – for optimum distribution accuracy and maximum output capacity. Maximum working widths of up to 52 m and a hopper capacity of 4200 litres add a whole new dimension to work rates.

The benefits of  ZA-M Ultra:
• Mechanical drive with a PTO shaft speed of 720 rpm allows you to save diesel when working
• The working widths are infinitely adjustable between 15 m and 52 m
• The integrated trimmer and Limiter guide system provides an optimum limitation of the spread fan during normal and boundary spreading
• There is an infinite number of options available for equipping the ZA-M Ultra with electronic control systems. From simple forward speed related spread rate control with the Control package to fully automatic electro-hydraulic specification with the ZA-M Ultra Profis Hydro weighing spreader. There are therefore no limits to the facilities that are available to farmers and agricultural contractors.

New: The Safety-Set comes as standard. The Amazone ZA-M with the up to date Safety-Set offers more safety. Implements mounted on to high speed tractors require clear visibiliy in road traffic. AMAZONE has integrated the strict demands on safety into a modern design.

For our environment: In conjunction with the Limiter boundary spreading system AMAZONE ZA-M fertiliser spreaders fulfil the European environment standards for fertiliser spreaders EN 13739.

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